Monday, May 11, 2009

A New Goal Dress

2 entries in one day, what is the world coming to?

On a cleaning expedition my mother found this.

She has declared it my new goal.

I have a few issues with this.

a) I wore this in middle school. MIDDLE SCHOOL!! I had no real girls then, I mean I had some, but they are never going to be that size again, they are not going to fit into this dress

b) This dress is so short it barely covers the goods. I hope it covered them back then.

c) This dress screams early 90's quite loudly. This dress should never see the light of day. I would not be seen in public in this dress, so this dress cannot be my goal.

I offer up an alternative. Now this dress is pretty. This dress is completely appropriate for Peter's Wedding. Not only can I dress this up or down, and wear it with farm appropriate shoes. This dress is so much more my style. It is fun and flirty and a little bit different. I so rarely hide behind plain black anymore. I think all the dresses I wore to semi formals and formals in high school and middle school were all black or very dark with very few exceptions. Now I have nothing against the perfect little black dress. They will be classic for ever and a day, but they don't strike me as fun. I feel a goal dress needs to be a bit showy, something that says look at me, look at how freaking hard I've worked, look how freaking hott I am. Yes I know black is slimming and and flattering and bla bla bla. For a goal dress; go big or go home.


  1. Jenny,
    Definatly go for the jazzy new dress. Way cute and you will look great in it.
    love, A.aileen

  2. The black dress was just a size that would be something. You can do it Jen. I told you to go for the new dress....AND maybe get a fabulous green hat for the church! Then you tell me they're getting married on a farm, so there might not be could still wear one of your fabulous feathered headbands,No?

  3. Interesting.!! Personally, I really like that dress, especially the printed fabric and design.