Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Horrid Befores.

Nobody, and I really mean nobody, likes their before picture. No one wants to take it, no one wants to look at it, I really want to print mine out and burn them, and maybe when I hit my ultimate goal I will do just that. But here's why I think they are important; my visual memory is horrible, especially with things I see every day, like myself. I know for a fact I have lost weight and that I am smaller than I was in January, but in general, I still look at myself and feel like I am always the same and still need to loose more. The whole memory thing is bad enough that if I shaved my head today, tomorrow I would probably be startled by a picture of me with hair. So having the concrete, side by side evidence is really helpful. Now I have gone so far as to post my horrid before online for the world to see, you don't have to do that, but take one and hide it away and bring it out on days where you still feel like an elephant despite all the progress you've made.

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