Friday, July 24, 2009

The good kind of pain?

I am sore like woah, it's a good thing I work upstairs and am up and down them all day, wait, I reversed that.

On Wednesday I went to They just opened a new location 3 blocks from my house and I figured if there was a worthwhile class walking distance from my house then there was no excuse. And I've only heard good things about it; people say you can really see the difference. I can see why, if it really is going to tone all the muscles I am newly aware of thanks to the pain, then I should be rip, roaring hott in no time. The class was hard and really pushed my muscles hard, but I think I will still need to supplement with cardio on my own (and stop eating ice cream). I'm putting two days between class one and class two so hopefully I don't die, I hope to do it more frequently than that. It's really what I've been looking for in terms of something that will strengthen and increase flexability like yoga will without out all the meditating.

Here's to kicking it up a notch.

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